We are a founders’ led sector agnostic technology focused micro-VC fund investing in seed and pre-seed stage companies with emphasis on green signals indicating high quality teams.

From Warmup to Winning the Startup Race 

Supporting founders every step of the way

Who are we?

At Warmup Ventures, we've walked the path of entrepreneurship, scaling businesses, raising capital, and fostering strong core teams and culture.

With our entrepreneurial DNA and unwavering energy, we bring more than just capital to the table. Our collective experience in angel investing has allowed us to witness the transformative power of early-stage support. From intro to the next round of investors to connections with CEOs of large tech companies/startups for business synergies, from planning your GTM to making a key tech hire, we offer the ammunition founders are seeking to propel their startups to new heights.

What sets us apart is our network of Limited Partners (LPs), comprising successful startup founders, investment professionals, senior business and product leaders, and successful business leaders. Our LPs understand the challenges and opportunities that founders face, as they have built and grown their own businesses. This unique composition creates a powerful ecosystem where angel(truly) capital meets firsthand entrepreneurial knowledge.

Sharad Bansal

Founder & Managing Partner


Rajendra Lora

Founder & Partner


Yogesh Chaudhary

Founder & Partner


"We are more than just investors, we are allies on your startup journey."


Co-investment Cheques of $50-$100K as Lead or Co-lead


Seed and Pre-Seed. Preferably the first investment after founders


Sector agnostic technology focused 

Fund Investments 

Our Investment from the fund, we will be making 35+ investments from Warmup Ventures current fund

Past Investments 

80+ Startup Alchemists: Our founding team has woven investment magic across diverse platforms, contributing to success stories like,